Holiday Season is Almost Over…

So, this past weekend wrapped up my last art show for this season. It was called the “Creative Spark Winter Market” and I have to say, it was pretty successful, especially for a new show in its first year. Both sales and attendance were higher than I expected, which is great! There was also a really great vibe to the show overall. If it happens again next year, I’ll probably do it again, despite a warning that the booth fee might be more in the future. Hopefully it won’t go up TOO much. Here’s a quick shot of my setup:

Creative Spark Winter Market, Dec 2012

Creative Spark Winter Market, Dec 2012

The Frederick Art Walk, which happened back in November, was also pretty good to me, as was the Central Art Walk. And now my shows are done! This is fantastic, because it means I can now turn my attention to the Very Long List of other things that need to get finished in the next two weeks (or less). Etsy shop maintenance, custom orders, more custom orders, oh and more custom orders!

Time to get back to work! 🙂


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