Media Adventures on the Jiimaan

This post isn’t directly related to my glass art, but I want to do a bit of a linkdump for some media things related to the recent stranding of the Jiimaan ferry, and this seems like as good a place as any to do it for now…

First off, this is a video that I made from footage Chris and I shot from onboard the Jiimaan on Oct 12, 2012:

This article from CBC features several photos of mine that I posted on Twitter:

This article from the Windsor Star features a video in which I am interviewed, and also a pic of me waving from the boat:

This is the CBC Windsor 6pm newscast. The Jiimaan is the lead story, and later in the program (starting around 24:05) they feature an interview with both myself and Chris:

And a short video clip from CTV Windsor featuring interviews with both myself and Chris:

This article from the National Post has some of my tweets:

Feb 4, 2013 edited to add:

Shortly after I got home, I was contacted by a writer for Professional Mariner magazine looking for some passenger point-of-view comments. I sent him an email, and the resulting article has now been published, including many verbatim quotes from that email.



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