Total Recall 2012 Wrapup

Ahh, Pelee Island! It’s so nice to get back there. I spent this past weekend being a vendor at the Total Recall Retreat. The last few weeks were filled with super-hard work to get ready. It was a great weekend! I sold lots of stuff. Even taking into account ALL the expenses (registration, ferry passage, a tank of gas, camping fees, ice, firewood and food) I actually made money on the trip. Mind = BLOWN. I didn’t even sell enough to cover my registration fee last year. So that’s a win! Also, my little credit-card swiper for my Blackberry worked like a charm while I was down there, AND I got to stock up on a case of wine from the Pelee Island Winery. Awesome. And I’m pleased to say that both the Midnight Tree piece and my Pelee Window survived the trip there and back. It’s tough to safely pack large pieces like that in a car full of camping AND art show gear, especially since the frame on the Pelee Window is so unstable.

The whole thing is really just an excuse to visit the Island, though. Being able to sell my art while I do it is a bonus. At the end of the weekend I dropped a pile of items at the Pelee Art Works for them to hopefully sell over the summer.

And I got to see this:

Pelee Island Sunrise – June 11, 2012

Now that the event is finished, I must turn my attention to a small custom project and then start moving on preparing for the Art Walks coming up in the fall. I have from now until mid-July, and then I won’t be able to be in my studio again until the end of September while I am away working for the Rock Point bird banding station. So I’m going to be a very busy little glass artist for the next month. I also need to finish my Pelee Forest window project. I got a call from my local glass shop saying that they were able to get a sheet of the glass I need, so I have to go pick that up sometime this week. Hooray!


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