New Toys, Event Prep and Why Can’t I Get What I Need??

So I had to go to Toronto this past Wednesday. While I was there I thought I’d visit my second-favourite stained glass supply store in the whole world, Fantasy In Glass. I was hoping they’d have a particular kind of glass that I need to finish my Pelee Forest Window project, which I can’t seem to get at my local shop. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it either, at least not in the “smooth” type. Granite texture? No problem. But no smooth 163LL for me! Why not? Oh, I’m in Canada. Can’t get it in Canada anymore. Seems that I bought the last sheet in existence in this country when I made the initial purchase for the project.


It’s a common problem. For the longest time, I couldn’t get black patina because I’m in Canada. It’s back in stock up here now, but before it came back I had to ask a friend to carry some over the border for me so I could finish a project that needed a large quantity of the stuff. And it’s not limited to my art supplies, of course. When I was looking for a new winter jacket, I ended up with one that I wasn’t quite happy with because it was the best option that I could get in this country…the jacket I ACTUALLY wanted wasn’t available in Canada, no way, no how.

Free Trade, my ass.

So I’ve been contemplating the idea of a Glass Nerd road trip. Originally I thought I’d drive down to Lansing, MI to visit Delphi, but then I realized that the actual Kokomo glass factory isn’t really THAT much farther from the border. Why not go there, get the glass at the source, and have a good time touring the factory??

It’s fun to think about, but I don’t know if it will actually happen.

In other news, one of the things I bought at FIG the other day was a bottle slumping mold. How fun! Here is a picture of the first attempt:

Bottle Tray

Bottle Tray

Needs some tweaking, but it looks pretty nice. I’m pretty sure the neck isn’t SUPPOSED to flow over like that, but I expected it to happen and I love the way it looks.

And now it’s time to stop typing and get back into the studio to continue my frantic preparation for the Total Recall event on Pelee Island next weekend!! I’m super duper looking forward to this trip. I hope the weather cooperates, because I’m camping and the show is outdoors! I am staying an extra day with the idea of trying to make time to mount a salvage operation and carry out some more of those vintage bottles hidden in the sooper sekrit forest location. I will take them home and create some more Pelee-themed bottle glassware to be sold at the Pelee Art Works on the Island.


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