Ah, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted! I’ve been quite busy with the Shadowlands production for the last couple of weeks, but as we head into week 2 of the run, I’ve also been working hard in the studio! This morning I spent two hours soldering my latest “project” with the experimental copper foil overlays. I got the front done, and it looks pretty cool. But wow did I ever use a lot of solder! It also didn’t help that my soldering iron decided that right near the end was a great time to sort of cool off, so it was a struggle to finish the thick trunks near the end. Sighhh…thankfully, black patina hides many imperfections.

Of course, the other bad news is that it doesn’t appear to fit into the old picture frame I had intended to use for it. So, either I will have to modify the frame, or frame the piece using the zinc came. Oh well!

Taking a break from that for now, need to work on some smaller pieces to have for the Total Recall trip in June. But first, it’s lunch time!


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