Bloomin’ Earth 2012 Recap

Bloomin Earth 2012 Booth

Bloomin Earth 2012 Booth

Well! I thought maybe I would freeze to death, but I managed to survive Bloomin’ Earth 2012. Such a cold day! I braved the outdoor-vendor experience though, despite having the opportunity to set up indoors. It’s a sneaky way to have more space: the indoor folks pretty much just get the width of their table, but I wanted to be able to set up the gridwall too. We experienced catastrophic tent failure during setup, but I was able to use one of the City of Kitchener tents so that was okay. You get what you pay for with those things, I guess – I was excited to find a white canopy on sale for $75 at the Superstore a while back, but one of the hinges broke as I was putting it away after doing a test setup in the backyard, and then we discovered more broken hinges on Saturday and it was so bad that it wouldn’t stand up on its own.

Anyway! I moved that junk from under the table after taking that picture! Usually it’s hidden but the wind was blowing the table cover all over the place. On the table we have my recycled bottle glasses, candle chimneys, bottle trays and pendants (along with the display shelf I built from pieces of our deck…it looks nicely weathered and I’m quite proud of it!) The weird thing obscuring the word “Light” on the banner is the bottom of a bottle-glass wind chime set. I hung another wind chime off to the right, you can’t see it in the photo. And then there’s the gridwall with some stained glass, and the Pelee Window sitting at the bottom.

Overall it was a pretty good day! Lots of people came through despite the chilly weather, and I am pleased to say I doubled my sales total from last year’s event. So, yay. It was also my first opportunity to use my Kudos credit card swiper with actual customers. Pleased with how that worked out, once I discovered that it doesn’t like to function when my Twitter app is open! But close the Twitter app, and it’s fine. Weird and somewhat unfortunate conflict (since I like lookin’ at Twitter during shows, it keeps me occupied when there are no customers nearby) but it’s a small thing. Maybe once I get a new phone later on the two things will play nicely together.

Next event is the Total Recall show on Pelee Island in June. Lots to do to get ready for that!


One response to “Bloomin’ Earth 2012 Recap

  1. Definitely not Chris

    OMG that shelf looks like it’s just about to fall over. Aren’t u worried about it falling over?

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