No Rest For The Wicked

It’s the beginning of April, and that means preparation for Bloomin’ Earth is in full swing!

Bloomin' Earth Prep

Bloomin' Earth Prep

Bottle glasses! Candle chimneys! And a bunch of bottles still waiting to be cut or put into the kiln. Not shown: the stack of slumped wine bottle cheese trays that still need masking and sandblasting, and the huge pile of slumped bottle rings waiting to be made into…something. Wind chimes, probably! Oh, and the recycled bottle glass pendants.

I had a sale in my Etsy shop on Sunday, which was lovely, but resulted in my having no Dopamine molecule pieces left, so I added a couple of new ones to the queue. A red one and a purple one are now awaiting soldering, and hopefully I can get them listed by the end of this week. And I should really get cracking on a Resveratrol and a Capsaicin as well! And maybe a new Bacon suncatcher. I still have the original one I made, but rather than re-listing that one I will make a new one, because I’ve refined the design since creating the original Bacon piece. The new ones are much nicer!

While cutting the glass for the Dopamine pieces yesterday I realized that I have been subconsciously putting off starting a cool new project because I’ve been worried about being able to cut the glass properly. My glass cutter is dull and I desperately need to buy a replacement head for it. I will get on that soon and then I can start the neato project. I’m looking forward to it because I was inspired by an article in Glass Art magazine, so I’m planning to try some new techniques with the copper foil, and possibly incorporate some glass paint as well.

I also need to think ahead a bit, to start preparing for the trip to Pelee Island in June for the Total Recall event. I hope the weather cooperates for that one, because not only is it an outdoor event, I am hoping to be able to make some time to sneak into the top-secret forest location where I found the window frame I used in the Pelee Window, and salvage some more vintage buried glass bottles to use for Pelee-themed recycled bottle art.

And that’s just what’s going on in the studio!


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