TEDxWaterloo 2012, and other things

It’s been quiet around here lately.

Last Wednesday, I attended TEDxWaterloo 2012, a really great event. So many inspiring speakers! I was particularly intrigued by Shannon Blake, who talked about the interdependence of artists and their community against a backdrop of theatre.

Shannon Blake at TEDxWaterloo 2012

Shannon Blake at TEDxWaterloo 2012 (photo by James Bastow)

Unfortunately I missed the last set of speakers…I left early because my impending Cold of Doom was making me feel terrible!

Since then, I’ve been focusing on trying to get better (and failing, mostly…hopefully this cold will go away soon), practising with my band, barely scraping through the Shadowlands rehearsal on Sunday, and working on lots of video editing. The promotional trailer for Shadowlands is almost ready to be released, and I also put together some new clips to re-submit my application to be a video contributor to iStockphoto. Hopefully this time I will be approved!

I am really looking forward to being healthy again, because I need to get back into the studio. The Bloomin’ Earth event is fast approaching and I have lots to do before then. And I have also just found out that I will be spending a couple of months this summer working at the Rock Point Bird Banding Station! That is super exciting news, but it also means that I will be out of the studio for those months, so I have to work extra hard before I leave.


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